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Dec 13,2009
Today was a very easy going day and I feel very at ease. Pastor Bob was out and Pastor Bryan filled in so Bob could spend time with the new addition to their family. I can only imagine how great things are going to be at Crossroads with a new baby around. I sat there at church with Key and Raven and thought about how blessed I am and we are as a family. Things are difficult financially while Keyla is in Nursing School but I know we will get through it all. It is hard at times. You can feel angry and helpless. I guess the best lesson I have gotten out of all of this is to give it up to God. Let him handle all the difficulties.

Keyla has been working out so much lately and I think she is looking better now that I have ever seen her in the past. She began working with a special needs child named Pablo last week and she seems to be really enjoying her job. I was sad at first because for a while now I could come home and we would all be together in the afternoon. And now I am picking up the girls, making dinner, bathing them, and doing some other odds and ends until Key comes home. I do hope she will have good hours once she completes school and starts working. Sometimes I guess I just worry. Sometimes I wonder what these little girls think when we are hanging out. I try not to be rough with them since they are not boys but I still want them to be tough.

I am a little uncertain if we will be going back to El Paso this Christmas as a family. With Key's new job I am not sure if she will be able to go for as long as I had planned. And financially we are in a tight spot. I think it is going to come down to a last minute decision. I just hope and pray that it turns out nice and relaxing enough for us. I don't want to be on the run the whole time.


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