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Hands Down
I have not listened to this silly song in years now. Broken hearted I swore to never listen to this trash again. But here I am four years later. I was talking with Melinda today and I told her about the most wonderful night that I ever had with a woman that did not include love making. It was the night before I met Keyla. Jeanette spent time with me at my Uncle Victors house. We shared drinks and she met my family. It was a night I waited a decade for. I spent the night with Jeanette just talking and freezing my ass off on a trampoline staring at the stars. Talking about this and that. From what I remember it was about nothing at all. It was a night that I waited years to have with her. It is so funny. She moved away when I was 12 years old and I never got to tell her that I thought she was amazing. She would come into town and I would see her around with Alex and it would drive me insane. I waited 11 years to tell her that I thought she was beautiful. I still remember her smell. Her hair. A kiss outside of the Acura. I remember the long drive home feeling on top of the world. It was the night I realized that I wanted my life to change. And it did. The very next night I ate dinner at Cattle Baron and met Keyla. And I never saw Jeanette again. She made the blood flow through my hear and made me crave amazing love. For as long as I live I will never forget that night. And never forget the woman who opened my heart and allowed me to truly find love. She made me open up to the woman that will become my wife on April 3.

Thank you Jeanette L. You gave me more than you will ever know. And more than I could ever thank you for.


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