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Longing for you to sew up my seams!
I'm back on Pasadena. It has been almost four years. I was terrified to look back on a failure. It turns out that it was not a failure at all. It turned into a new life. A resurrection and a brand new beginning that has given me endless joy. I look around this wonderful place and see new posiblities. I mean.....I made it back. I could have never seen this place again. I reinvented me and found a way to have a wonderful family and a career. That is definately a goal that I attained.

I'm creating and will have launched two companies by 2012. This has been some very excited times for me. I love that I met Luis. We just seem to get things done together. I am disappointed that he relocated to Houston but we can definately still make this work. He is not that far. And we both want to succeed.

I look back and see that kid with tears in his eyes on Highland Street and I am proud of him. He grew up and turned into a man. He designed a life around family. And he became a bass player for his church. Keep going kid. I hope I look back in four years and see another incredible leap into life.